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ebony (noun)

eb·​o·​ny |

Black and Brown Women 

TTP (Black)
2 - Mock Up

Dear Ebony Goddess,


We created Dear Ebony with you in mind. Our designs are mixed with love, creativity, and admiration for all that you are. This is our open love letter to you!  


As Ebony women, we are constantly bombarded with negative depictions and stereotypes about who we are. Our natural hair and beauty are often criticized, our accomplishments and contributions to society are rarely celebrated, and we are often portrayed as aggressive or angry women. 


Dear Ebony is committed to changing those negative narratives and reminding Ebony women of how influential, magical, and brilliant we truly are. Through our apparel, we strive to: 


  1. Provide words of encouragement to women combating stereotypes and false narratives daily;    

  2. Increase positive depictions of Ebony women; 

  3. Promote contributions made by Ebony women, including those before us and beside us; and

  4. Highlight achievements by Ebony women.   


Dear Ebony is more than an apparel line. You are joining a movement to show love, support, and appreciation for Ebony women everywhere as we change and reclaim our narrative!


Each design is a symbol of our beauty, resilience, and brilliance. Wear it proudly!


Sending peace and blessings your way! We got this! 


With Love,

Ebony R. Johnson

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